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For many years ATQ Germany is known company in the Aftermarket and hands out the spare parts for vehicles and Trucks.

The product range of ATQ Germany includes both the mechanical line (filters, hydraulic parts, dampers, Clutches, etc.); and the grinding line (pistons, cylinder heads, friction bearing, etc.) and the electrical line (starters, alternators, plugs, short plugs, etc.).

The spare parts which are imported by us, come from factories that are selected by us with a very high standard quality.

Products and services

  • Drive belts
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Seal and gasket sets
  • Transmission parts
  • Constant velocity joints
  • Constant velocity shafts
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • V-belts
  • V-belts pulleys
  • V-ribbed belts
  • Drive chains
  • Drive chain sprockets
  • Drive chain tensioners
  • Rocker arms
  • Cooling system parts
  • Crankshafts
  • Fan couplings
  • Engine gaskets
  • Engine parts
  • Engine vibration dampers
  • Engine mountings
  • Camshafts
  • Oil drain plugs/Drain cocks
  • Oil pumps
  • Oil sumps
  • Belt pulleys
  • Drive belt tensioners
  • Roller tappets
  • Forged parts for powertrain
  • Timing chains
  • Timing chain sprockets
  • Bucket tappets
  • Thermostats
  • Thermostat housings
  • Torsional vibration dampers
  • Valves and valve guides
  • Valve tappets
  • Water pumps
  • Toothed belts
  • Toothed belt pulleys
  • Toothed belt tensioning rollers
  • Cylinder head gaskets
  • Cylinder head bolts
  • Suspension links
  • Power steering systems
  • Ball-and-socket joints
  • Control arm bearing bushes
  • Power steering systems, electric and hydraulic
  • Control arms
  • Tie rods
  • Tie rod ends
  • Stabilizer bars
  • Sealing rings
  • Seals and gaskets
Automotive Fluids

All ATQ Germany premium coolant additives meet the requirements of the automotive industry and are an excellent addition to ATQ Germany water pumps and water pump kits!

Coolant Additives

Spark Plugs

ATQ Germany plugs push the limits of performance and innovation, bringing advanced technology to high-efficiency engines.

Clutch Kit

ATQ Germany Clutch Kits combines ideal clutch components to deliver optimal drivetrain efficiency. Providing ideal power transfer with precise pedal feel, ATQ Germany Clutch Kits are OE Matched.

ATQ Germany e.k.
Altrottstr. 31
69190 Walldorf

Phone: +49 622 73959364
Internet: www.atq-germany.com
E-mail: Send message

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