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The bluechemGROUP (BCG) is a group of companies
and a network of distributors with global activities and
partners in more than 120 countries.
The group's success is based on the commitment to
lead the automotive industry in developing and
patenting of performance-optimizing and
environmentally-friendly products of highest quality
expanded by modern workshop, industry and service

Continuous innovation, creativity, expertise, strategic
operations, global supply chain management and
highly motivated employees are the foundation of the
bluechemGROUP. It uses its experiences with
international competition, its professional knowledge
and know-how as a service for the group’s partners
and customers.

Constant market studies and the ongoing dialogue with
partners at home and abroad enable the
bluechemGROUP to take up new trends and identify
niche markets thereby guaranteeing the required
flexibility in defining offers for certain target groups.

Products and services

  • Additives
  • Hybrid Additives
  • Car Care and Maintenance
  • Aerosols
  • Nano Technology
  • Service and Maintenance Products
  • Car Wash
  • Bike
  • Snowmobile
  • Boat Care
  • AC System Care
  • Radiator and Cooling System
  • EGR
  • DPF and Catalytic Converter Cleaner
  • Automatic Transmission Service
  • Lubricants
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Fuel and Oil Improver
  • Injection Cleaner,
  • Carbon built up Cleaner for Valves
  • Manifold
  • Pistons,
  • EGR Valves and Turbo Charger

are only some
products of our huge product range.

Triple X PLUS - Air Intake System Cleaner

Triple X plus is the latest generation of our specially designed products for the air intake system. Developed for use in both fuel injection systems and engines with exhaust gas recirculation or “EGR”. Triple X plus thoroughly cleans the entire system starting from the air intake all the way through the exhaust for all petrol and diesel engines. This product may only be used
with the Injection & Exhaust System Cleaning Device
Clear Flow, art.-no.: 34011.

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Carbon X Combustion Chamber Cleaner K1+K2

Component K1 (cleaning foam) is a specially developed high-performance formulation that dissolves and removes all operationally caused contaminations in the entire combustion chamber of an engine. Component K2 (neutralizer) causes a chemical reaction which liquefies the previously introduced cleaning foam (K1) and binds the dissolved contamination.

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DPF/Catalyst Cleaner

The DPF/Catalyst Cleaner dissolves and removes all contamination and soot residues from the particulate filter and the catalyst – no disassembling required. The product eliminates any performance decrease or disruption caused by contaminated particulate filter and catalysts. DPF/Catalyst Cleaner restores the complete function of the diesel particulate filter and catalyst.The
product is also ideal for EGR-valve cleaning.

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07338 Leutenberg

Phone: +49 367 354440
Fax: +49 367 3544444
Internet: www.bluechemgroup.com
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Contact person

Nadine Gutheil
Teamleader International Sales Backoffice
Phone: +49 367 3544413
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News & Innovations

NEW: protection and care for hybrids

Slowly but surely, it should be clear to everyone: The exclusive days of the internal combustion engine are numbered. The future belongs to alternative driving concepts that rely on electricity, fuel cells, etc. They provide the right answers when it comes to rising fuel prices, increasingly stringent emission regulations and climate

As fast as the current progress may be, the state-of-the-art concepts for alternative driving systems all have a problem: they are not widely recognized by the public. Only hybrid technology enjoys a high reputation among both manufacturers and vehicle owners. It can be seen as the first winner of the technological race, as it is considered the most mature and practicable. However, hybrids are not completely problem-free. Especially the
irregularly used internal combustion engine is threatened by constant power loss. The bluechemGROUP presents an innovative solution to this problem.

Nano Headlight-Restore-Kit

The perfect preperation

Our Nano headlight-restore-kit is suitable for alle common plastic headlights. In addition, it cleans weathered and dulled headlights to achieve the optimal light output. The original shine is restored and the unique nano-sealant provides long-term protection against soiling and environmental impact. So this is the perfect preperation for the cold season.

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German Innovation Award for Carbon X

The bluechemGROUP is rewarded with an extraordinary award for its outstanding innovative strength. The jury
of the German Innovation Award 2018 awards the high-ranking Winner award in the category "Excellence in
Business to Business – Chemical Industry" to the combustion chamber cleaning system Carbon X that was
presented last year. The great recognition given by independent experts from industry, science, institutions and
the financial sector, honors our convincing innovation performance, which offers a relevant benefit, represents a
decisive differentiation in the competition and significantly contributes to our market success. Werner Urban,
President of the bluechemGROUP, commented: "As a technology leader in vehicle chemistry with 30 years of
experience, we see the German Innovation Award as an accolade that honors our great achievements and our
sustainable work and makes them visible to a broad audience!"

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